Concertina Workshops for Adults

Reel Trad Tulla

Concertina workshops for adults take place on an irregular basis at The Music Room, Main Street, Tulla, Co. Clare.

People come to the workshops from far and near.

Mary's teaching focuses on style and rhythm and she encourages her students to bring out the best in their playing and to listen to what they are playing.

The aim of the workshops is to teach a high level of musical ability and to produce musicians rather than just players.

Students who attend the workshops are encouraged to join the sessions (all instruments!) which usually occur the night before the workshops to improve and expand their repertoire.

The Music Room is also a music library and information centre where you can browse through interesting musical  publications.
All music lovers, whether they are musicians, scholars or listeners are welcome.

 Anyone interested in the workshops should book in advance (with all details) by emailing Mary